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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Toilet Tuesdays: Coffeeshops

This week, we bring you Toilet Tuesdays from Brno, Czech Republic.

On a quick stop from here to there, or from there to home, we found ourselves in search of a specialty coffee shop (probably one of our most frequent searches on google maps - specialty coffee near me) and happened upon one called Kafe and Kobliha.  As we drove around looking for a place to park, we saw Dabov Coffee situated right next door.

As unlikely as it can be to find a good quality specialty (or third wave) coffee shop, it seemed quite unlikely that we would find TWO right next to each other.

"Perhaps they're joined together," I suggested.  "Like one side is the coffee and the other is a bakery."

As we approached on foot, we saw that they were in fact two individual shops.  

We had found the Kafe and Kobliha in one of those 7 step processes (the facebook page of one of our favorite coffee shops in Bratislava, promoting a new coffee "the Space" roasted in Brno, looking at the website for "the Space", calling their contact number, being informed that we could find their coffee at Kafe and Kobliha), so we were pretty committed and entered the quirky shop.

Right away we were met with a fusball table, a cheerful barista and two large flamingos painted on the wall.  Two women were in the process of choosing donuts (kobliha in Czech) to go with their coffee.  And we're not talking about your run-of-the-mill donut here.  We're talking hand-crafted, gorgeous, unique flavor combinations.

It took quite a bit of will-power to resist these beauties, but we stuck it out for our premeditated cappuccinos.

It was a wholly satisfying experience, possible downsides being minimal seating and no toilet.

We left with a bag (strike that, box - love their design!) of "the Space" coffee and headed back to our car.

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Coffee roasted in Brno, Europe, Earth

However, as dutifully curious specialty coffee fanatics, we peered through the window of Dabov Coffee next door, examining the various blends and roasts they offered.  As we peered into the window, I noticed the barista watching us and waved.

My husband and I looked at each other and he said "Hmm, coffee for the road?"

"Of course," I replied.

We stepped in to the narrow coffee shop and began to converse with the barista.  They just opened in December, but their coffee brand has been roasting for over 10 years in Sophia, Bulgaria.  

On the right was a narrow bar with stools and on the left the barista bar.  The combined space gave an interesting feel to the tiny space.  Like it was inviting us in to the experience rather than just serving us coffee. Almost as if we were in a friend's (albeit very fancy and coffee-equipped) kitchen.

View from back of shop
Same space; view from front of shop
Barista at work in the "kitchen"

I took advantage of the fact that we were visiting another coffeeshop and asked to use the toilet.  The barista directed me to the back of the shop, where I found a door leading to a tiny room with a sink and enough space to open the door to the tiny room containing the toilet.

Just a toilet

The view from the toilet

If you're in need of a place to sit whilst drinking your coffee and a toilet, Dabov Coffee has a lot to offer. :) And the best part is that you can just meander next door, have another coffee and a donut.  

I'm not really seeing any downsides here. :D

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