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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monthly Dose of S.H.A.M.E - March

An area that brings up a lot of shame for many people is perfectionism. It is one of those dreadfully insidious things that can hijack our ability to live, think, do and act in healthy and free ways.

I have embraced the fact that I am a recovering perfectionist. Feel free to join me. I'll probably always be in recovery. But I've seen some huge changes in my life and am very encouraged that this is the direction I want to be heading.

This is a pretty light-hearted look at one of the areas that perfectionism can hijack a lot of time, peace and joy. Writing emails (or texts). 

Join me as we look at how to practice changing our perfectionist habits and the neural ruts in our brains!

S - sharing and speaking
H - helping, not hiding - helping us see how perfectionism weasels its way into daily tasks
A - asking why, asking for help
M - motivating, not mocking - trying to give you a funny "kick-in-the-pants" to encourage you to start to change your habits and thought patterns.
E - evoking hope, not fear

The Art of Writing an Email (for recovering people pleasers and perfectionists):

Chapter 1: Write the email
Chapter 2: I said, just write the email
Chapter 3: Just write the dang email!
Chapter 4: Send the email
Chapter 5: Don’t re-reread it again before sending it
Chapter 6: Push the send button
Chapter 7: Go do something fun
Chapter 8: Why are you still thinking about that email?
Chapter 9: Don’t go back to your computer (or phone)
Chapter 10: Are you having fun yet?
Chapter 11: Seriously? You “went to the bathroom”? Really?  Really?  What if I look on our CCTV?  Oh, you were just checking to see if someone responded to your email?
Chapter 12: Don’t check to see if they have responded.  Just wait.  They will respond.
Chapter 13:  Don’t worry that they haven’t responded yet.  It doesn’t mean that they hate you or that they read your email and are really offended.
Chapter 14: You have a response!
Chapter 15:  Are you overanalyzing the response?  Don’t.
Chapter 16: Don’t respond right away.  Let them breathe.
Chapter 17: Okay, now you can respond.  See Chapter 1.

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