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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Toilet Tuesdays

This is a toilet I visit almost every day. While not the most glamorous toilet, this daily staple is a friendly, familiar place to me.

It's nice to have the fresh air from the sometimes open window.  I had to learn that there's a big roll of toilet paper on the wall outside of the stalls, so I have to remember to tear off a bit when I head in.  

Another thing I had to learn is that due to the fact that there are not locks on the doors of these toilets, some kind of coherent response is required should someone attempt to enter, or more politely, knock.  When I imagined important phrases and vocabulary I might need to know when getting to know a new language, "occupied!" or "I'm in here" were definitely not on the list.

For reasons I have yet to understand, the downstairs bathroom is stocked with soft, white toilet paper while the upstairs bathroom is stocked with rougher, brown toilet paper.

In case you haven't figured it out, this toilet is located at my language school.  In later posts, you'll see more beautiful and luxurious bathrooms, but I wanted to start with something very ordinary.

*Note: the building that houses my course is old and was built during the communist regime.  While it is easy to just categorize it as an ugly communist building, I think it is worth reflecting on what the state of the building (and its toilets) says about the previous and even current governments.  Which buildings were/are considered worthy to update and improve?  What can a bathroom tell us about the value of education?

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