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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Toilet Tuesdays

Sometimes the bathroom isn't what makes the bathroom.  

  The unassuming, yet clean, bathroom of Denis Kebap.
A look in the mirror after eating a Denis Kebap will reveal a happy and satisfied person

We discovered Denis Kebap completely by accident last fall and have been addicted ever since.  There is kebab and there is Denis Kebap.  It's simply the best kebab I've eaten between Bratislava and Vienna.  There are two locations, but we frequent the Bruck an der Leitha shop.  It's conveniently located between our home and the Vienna airport - always happy to make airport runs that include Denis Kebap! 

You might never guess that herein lies the best kebab around

You can enjoy your freshly baked roll with delightfully fresh meat, salad and the creamy sauce (that I always wish they would add more of) on the airy (but well-covered) patio.  The staff is always very friendly and speaks English, German and Turkish (at least the owner does). 
Perfect patio for enjoying your kebab
Couldn't even take a moment to capture the full kebap before I devoured about half of it.
A parliamentarian from the Slovak Nationalist Party said that eating kebabs starts the Islamization of Europe.  A few weeks after this statement, a member of the most nationalistic Slovak political party was captured with a delicious kebab in hand.  Kebabs are hard to resist.  And we're not planning on starting anytime soon.

The night we picked up my brother and sister-in-law from the airport, we rushed quickly to arrive at the Bruck shop about 10 minutes before they closed.  Unfortunately, they didn't have enough meat left to make us all kebabs.  Fortunately (and this is what keeps us coming back again and again) the owner is an incredibly kind man and offered to call the other shop to see if they had meat to make 4 kebabs.  They did, and we rushed off to Neusiedl am See, where we picked up our ready-made sandwiches just at they were closing for the night. 

Another visit, we overheard a group of Slovaks agreeing that this is the best kebab around.  We couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Toilet Tuesdays

This is a toilet I visit almost every day. While not the most glamorous toilet, this daily staple is a friendly, familiar place to me.

It's nice to have the fresh air from the sometimes open window.  I had to learn that there's a big roll of toilet paper on the wall outside of the stalls, so I have to remember to tear off a bit when I head in.  

Another thing I had to learn is that due to the fact that there are not locks on the doors of these toilets, some kind of coherent response is required should someone attempt to enter, or more politely, knock.  When I imagined important phrases and vocabulary I might need to know when getting to know a new language, "occupied!" or "I'm in here" were definitely not on the list.

For reasons I have yet to understand, the downstairs bathroom is stocked with soft, white toilet paper while the upstairs bathroom is stocked with rougher, brown toilet paper.

In case you haven't figured it out, this toilet is located at my language school.  In later posts, you'll see more beautiful and luxurious bathrooms, but I wanted to start with something very ordinary.

*Note: the building that houses my course is old and was built during the communist regime.  While it is easy to just categorize it as an ugly communist building, I think it is worth reflecting on what the state of the building (and its toilets) says about the previous and even current governments.  Which buildings were/are considered worthy to update and improve?  What can a bathroom tell us about the value of education?