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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Toilet Tuesdays

Several months ago, I started taking photos of toilets for the purpose of having designated posts about toilets.  Probably strange, but endlessly fascinating.

Toilets are so different all over the world.  Something that you might find to be quite disturbing would be perfectly normal to someone else, and vice versa.

In general, I like to think that I interact with the world around me through very curious eyes.  Eyes that notice small things.  Eyes that are trying to connect and discover what makes something important or meaningful.  Eyes that are happy to find things that make me smile and laugh. Eyes that see problems and distress and don't just move on quickly because it's uncomfortable.  Eyes that rather stay and sit with discomfort and try to really see.

And it is through those eyes that I want you to see my toilets.

However, this first post is to acknowledge that I am not original.  Other people, who are much more connected, have their eyes on toilets around the world.  They brought photos together for Lonely Planet and published this book.

I have to admit it took the wind out of my sails.  In this world of way too much access to information about everything [clarification: I do not believe that people shouldn't have access to information], there's somehow a felt pressure to create and think new things, which is quite hard.

However, if I return to my sense that I am a curious person with curious eyes, I can disregard this felt pressure and sense of insufficiency, and simply enjoy taking pictures of toilets and telling you what I think about them.

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  1. I am super excited to hear about your toilets and actually might have some pictures of ones as well. If you need to add to your collections of toilets around the world :)