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Monday, January 23, 2017

Flashback: a year ago!

A year ago today I was waking up in Slovakia for the first time.  I was jet-lagged, a little freaked out by the communist-era buildings and the elevators in the buildings, and to top it off the weather was horrible.

View: rain, fog, grey, cold

Today, as I headed to school, I thought what a different day it was.  I'm happily jet-lag-free, have grown quite accustomed to the concrete panelaks and the elevators in the buildings, and best of all have enjoyed way more sun this winter than I expected.

Funny, this looks pretty similar, but it feels very different

A lot can change in a year.  I've been enjoying taking my pictures every morning and hope to look at them all at the end of the month.

I've been saving up language learning stories to share on the blog and today seemed appropriate to share with you the very useful and entertaining way to say that one has a hangover.  Sadly, this is not a phrase I need to use often (er, ever).

Mám opicu. Milan má opicu.

Literal translation: I have a monkey. Milan has a monkey.

Yep.  Go figure.  Of course, I asked my teacher if there's a linguistic way to differentiate if someone indeed has a monkey and she replied that she had never met anyone in Slovakia who had a monkey.  This is a good point, but I enjoyed imagining the misunderstanding between two people who think they know what the other is talking about, but in fact are talking about wildly different things.

Enjoy your day, whatever it is full of.

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  1. Two posts about monkeys...hmmmm maybe you should get a monkey! :)