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Sunday, October 23, 2016



Look familiar?

Conjugated any verbs recently?

That happens to be the Slovak verb for 'speak'.

I was attempting to study, flashcards were spread all over the table and I was distracted by trying to thinking of a clever name for the blog my husband and I frequently talk about writing.

Language learning materials

The table happened to be on a small balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

[Now, before you grab your pocket atlas and try to find Slovakia along the coast of the Adriatic,  I'll just clarify.  We are in Croatia.  We've had some glitches in what we expected to be a smooth process to apply for my permanent residence in Slovakia.  Part of our current strategy in dealing with these glitches involves leaving Schengen.  Hence the balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea.]

Naturally I was entranced by the sunset over the water.  By the glitter of light and movement of the gentle waves.

The calm waters of the Adriatic Sea

The verb above popped into my head.  Hovoríť.  And then my word association skills kicked in and I thought of hovering.  The picture from the passage of Genesis describing the spirit of God hovering over the waters.  The spirit of God hovers.  And then he speaks.  And the creativity of creation begins with light separating from darkness.  Speaking and hovering.  Hovoríť and vznášať.

Unfortunately, my brilliant word association didn't take into account that my brain is wrestling to configure words from two languages.  The association that I found may not actually be there linguistically.

I still think it's beautiful to imagine God's spirit hovering, waiting to speak his creative voice into all that I think and say and do.  And right now, as my primary work is learning a foreign language, I'm thrilled to think of God's spirit hovering over me, just waiting to create intelligible language from the sea of new words and pronunciations and conjugations that I'm trying to wrap my mind and tongue around.

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