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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Since I didn't write last week, and this week is looking just as crazy, I'm writing a spontaneous shout out to "Steve".

If you've never seen these hilarious videos from the BBC, you simply must.
"Steve" the prairie dog

This "Steve" is a blast from the past.  A high school friend and I used to joke about pretending to date the Blue's Clues host.  It's a long story, not that interesting, but comes in handy for the "Steve" post.
What a guy, right?

Steve Dirks is the director of Lone Tree Ranch, which is where I was last weekend on a Winter Retreat with the youth group from church.  He has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the Bible by using fascinating cultural and historical insights.  This weekend was no exception; he taught on spiritual transitions, using the story of Joshua.

Things that stuck out to me:
Canaan=God's best for the people of Israel.  They resisted and doubted and failed as they falteringly followed God's leading to conquer the promised land.  Even after they had victory, and had seen God do amazing things, Joshua still had to tell them to choose whether they were going to serve God!
How often I resist God's best for me, even when I've seen him do amazing things.

God's law required that blood be offered for atonement of sins.  At the temple, two lambs were to be offered each day, one at 9 o'clock and one at 3 o'clock.  Every day at those times, the shofar's horn would blow and remind people to stop and thank God that he did not destroy them because the lamb's blood had been offered for their sins.  On the day of Jesus' death on the cross, he was crucified at 9 o'clock and breathed his last at 3 o'clock. So cool to see that his atoning blood correlated perfectly with the sacrifices offered at the temple.
When I consider his atoning sacrifice, may I stop and thank God for his incredible gift that allows me to  approach the throne of God with confidence

Thanks for letting me process some thoughts from this weekend.

And here's to all the Steves in our lives!

links to scripture are taken from; Steve the prairie dog from YouTube; Blue's Clues Steve from a tumblr page

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  1. so neat about the 9 and 3 thing...didn't know that..I love seeing connections between the Old and New Testament